Total Online Start-up Kit for Business

Every online business requires these five fundamental components: Branding, Website, Email, Domain Name, and Hosting. Some businesses already have one or more of those components already in place. Brand new businesses must source all five. Traditionally, each component would be separately estimated, developed and billed. We have a new plan, with much lower entry cost: All-in-one, Total Online Start-up Kit for Business. Let’s dig in.

The traditional experience typically works like this — the business owner or manager begins a relationship with an agency to develop a website. They also need a logo, domain name, email addresses, and hosting. After the agency collects basic requirements from the client, an estimate is produced (typically €1800-5000) for the website and logo. 50% of the estimate is paid to begin work on the project. After weeks or months of back-and-forth development, the website is ready for launch. The rest of the contract is paid, and the website goes live. Other service like the Email (€50-100 /year ), domain name (€15-50 /year), and website hosting (€50-300 /year) are invoiced annually. Updates to the website are charged by the hour.

Here is what a typical invoicing schedule looks like for that project over 15 months:

€1800 [50% project deposit]
  2 months later
€1800 [website launch]
  3 months later
€120 [updates to site]
  3 months later
€210 [more updates]
  2 months later
€20 [domain name renewal]
  1 month later
€50 [email service renewal]
  2 weeks later
€150 [website hosting renewal]
  2 months later
€250 [updates to site]

The client overall is happy with their website — but the invoicing is confusing, or awkward at least. What’s domain name renewal, and how is it different than website hosting renewal? Am I being charged fairly for these services? It’s actually hard to predict exactly how much the website and related services are going to cost the company next month, or at any point in the future.

Businesses (and individuals) often find that a more predictable expenditure on their essential services (i.e. flat monthly rate) is more easily managed.

Small startups with minimal funding also have a problem with setup costs, and a website + logo (€2k?) can definitely cause anxiety in this regard.

Our goal: Smash these complications and barriers to business, and streamline the entire development and billing process as much as possible.

Total Online Start-up Kit for Business
€200 per month. For everything.

What you get:

Brand Suite (custom logos + colour palette + typekit)

Wordpress Website (plus optional premium e-commerce plugins for shops, events, memberships etc, SEO, & SSL)

Pixelcraft Email Service (up to 10 mailboxes, unlimited storage, webmail, encrypted IMAP/POP3 integration)

1 x Domain Name (your choice)

Managed Wordpress Website Hosting (includes updates, backups, delivery optimization, security scans and virus/malware protection)

Support, Updates, & Development Credits

Let’s explore details of these components

Here’s a closer look at each of the five essential components the Total Online Start-up Kit for Business 2019

1. Brand Suite.

We will custom design a logo package for your company. Your logo package includes variations of the primary design to account for light/dark and tall/wide use cases. The logos are provided to the client in all common formats (vector pdf, raster png/jpg).

An official colour palette is developed alongside the logo suite.

The primary and secondary fonts and type recommendations are also included.

All of the above are packaged into a Brand Book (also known as a Style Guide), which is provided to the client in digital format.

2. Wordpress Website.

Using your new Brand Suite, we will develop a custom website for your company. The website will be developed using the popular and powerful Wordpress CMS. Since no business is exactly like another, we consult and work carefully with your company to make sure that your new website is setup to function exactly to suit the needs of your business.

If your business requires e-commerce, we will install and configure to your requirements.

Other popular configurations are ticketing & registration sites for festivals and events, membership sites for content creators and online teachers.

All pages and content on the website is configured with comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and secured with an SSL certificate.

Analytics platform of your choice is added to monitor visitor traffic and behaviour.

3. Email Service.

Our premium PixelCraft email platform has the latest technology and works just like Gmail or other Email providers. You can have up to 10 separate Email accounts, each with unlimited storage.

The Pixelcraft Email platform has built-in spam filtering, IMAP/POP3 access, SSL encryption, and a user-friendly webmail interface.

4. Domain Name.

We will register, manage settings, and handle renewals of any (1) domain name of your choice. If you aren’t sure what domain names are available or best suited for your business, we can help you pick one out.

sample domain name lookup graphic

5. Website Hosting.

Websites need a good home where they can “live” and perform their duties without complications. We operate and manage an array of specialised web servers in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Every website that we host is carefully monitored for security, integrity, and performance. Wordpress websites require routine maintenance. Package updates and core components are monitored updated by our website care team so that your website will always be healthy, happy, secure, and running smoothly.

We also take backup snapshots of your site and store them securely in case of any emergency situation should arise.

website hosting graphics

5. Support, Updates, & Development Credits

Included in our monthly service is an allowance of development credits which you may spend at any time if you require changes to your website. For example, a new page, handful of new Shop items, an image gallery, or a blog post.

All of the service in your package are supported by our customer care team, seven days a week, should any issue or problem arise.

website support icon

Launch your business

Now that you can see the process and advantages of this unique start-up package, are you ready to launch your business online?

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