Managed Website Hosting

1) Blazing Fast, Reliable Linux Servers

We host all websites on fast, reliable, monitored, up-to-date Debian Linux web servers from Blacknight Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why is this important?
Your website has significantly more resources available to it on our servers when compared to basic shared hosting plans that can be purchased elsewhere. Also worth noting is that Google uses server response and page-loading times in it’s ranking algorithms.

2) Routine Website Backups

We always make sure that your website files and database are backed up on a strict schedule. All backups are checked for consistency, and previous versions of your website will be available in case you want to undo some changes that you made.

Why is this important?
Your valuable online business is secure. If your website is compromised we can restore any number of previous versions within minutes. Interested in a previous version of your website? We can provide it within a few hours.

3) Monitored Website Updates

We maintain every CMS website (i.e WordPress, Magento, Joomla) with all important, security-essential daily updates to the core files, plugins and themes.

Why is this important?
Out-dated websites are easy-picking for hackers. Most at-risk are websites with old versions of plugins and core website files. Having your website always up-to-date is crucial for security and performance.

4) Hardened Website Security

Our Linux web servers are hardened with the best firewall and malware protection. On top of that, each website has its own firewall and daily security monitoring system. We make sure that you don’t have any problems with hackers installing malware on your website.

5) Support Whenever You Need It

We promise to provide every client with quick response to any problem or question, and can be reached at day or night— and even on the weekends.

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